1-800 Flags Case Study

PPC Case Study


Each month we took a look at the overall performance of each campaign to look for trends, opportunities, and weak points. Then we discussed with Zeke how we can do better, what will be needed, and make the relative adjustments to ensure positive growth.  We set quarterly and monthly goals to continue improving and be accountable for meeting Zeke’s goals.The result? We’ve had a last ing relationship with Zeke working to improve his ROI and build his brand for the past 2 years.

Reaching Revenue Goals

PPC Case Study

Ongoing Optimization

The Map Shop was operating a couple disjointed campaigns when we took over the account, targeting fairly broad search terms in the flag and international flag categories. They were also targeting a very wide audience so only a limited number of metrics could be optimized with much confidence.We optimized what we could – removing a couple under-performing user and time segments (late at night, search network, and mobile users were under-performing), then adjusted the campaigns to be built in a way where we could define an increased number of potentially profitable user segments. Over time, we segmented this data, adjusted bids, and continued to increase ROI.When it came to campaign targets, general flag searches posed an issue. The Map Shop only sells flags in states/countries categories – not decorate flags or other genre’s. We A/B tested ads on searches such as “flags for sale” to focus only on users we wanted to click, finding the best combination of variables over time and maximizing ROI on those campaigns.

Conversions by bid

PPC Case Study

Flexible & Measurable Setup

After speaking with Zeke about what type of customer’s would be most profitable to target, we went to work on creating campaigns, targets, bidding strategies, etc. to reach those customers. By developing campaigns that broke down into search habits such as general search vs. Google’s search network, we were able to effectively control bidding strategies and budgets.
The result? We created 18 different campaigns filled with extensive content to test. We were able to constantly monitor and test different combinations, ads, and strategies in a controlled environment to return 5 successful campaigns that brought in significant ROI.

Graphic Title

PPC Case Study

Goals & Success Metrics

When it comes to running an online store purely focused on one-time purchases, the metrics can be simplified quite a bit. For most clients, establishing long-term relationships, branding, and the ability to market to customers over a long period of time are important (and we’ll incorporate that into our strategy), but Zeke’s focus was purely on increasing positive-ROI sales on one-time purchases.

Our focus? Revenue. We targeted segments that Zeke identified as high-margin opportunities.  And from there we came up with a strategy to test those segments, isolate opportunities, and find ways to reach and exceed his e-commerce goals.

Now it was time to sell some flags.

ROI Graph

PPC Case Study


Zeke, a small business owner, has been running 1-800Flags.com for over 10 years.  When he came to us, his sales had been down for the last couple years and his online advertising campaigns were struggling. We were able to help turn that around for him.

We came up with a strategic approach for Zeke and increased the metrics we were using to evaluate the effectiveness of his campaigns. Then we revamped his account setup to give us the ability to optimize his account quickly and adjust spending to focus on results.

Through our refinement, we were able to deliver a sustained increase of revenue of over 300%, and an increase in revenue/cost by over 250%.