LDM vs. Outsourced SEO Case Study

LDM vs. Outsourced


First and foremost, the goal of SEO starts with the end goal of our client, which for this client is to generate leads. We’ve left the actual lead numbers out, but they are proportionate to the amount of traffic we were driving (similar quality from start to finish). So, for our major goal we just used targeted organic traffic. Despite 6 months of very close results (as shown in the original image on the “Philosophy” tab), we eventually pulled ahead and left our competition in the dust. Our higher-quality tactics were resilient to Google’s attempt to devalue low-quality links, which ended up hurting the overseas contractor. The result? All that work and investment down the tubes, and a site with a poor backlink portfolio. Our website drove 812 visitors in June, while theirs drove 139.Yes, we want to increase revenue as quickly as we can. However, SEO is a process, and it doesn’t happen overnight. We plan and monitor keywords, gradually moving more competitive search phrases up the results pages, eventually into areas that generate traffic. Our focus on long-term growth, coupled with some patience and investment on our clients’ part, can turn into a long-term stream of high-quality, high converting, profitable traffic.

SEO is an investment. And we’re great at making that long-term investment. But it takes trust and commitment to let us help hit those long-term goals and provide a steady stream of business for your website.

organic search traffic

Organic Search Traffic

LDM vs. Outsourced

Authority Building

Our competitors used all the usual suspects when it came to their link building techniques. All the standard tactics you’ll see in those packages… social bookmarking, articles, commenting, Web 2.0’s, etc. They’d go and blast the website and all the bad content pages with these low-quality, low-variety links and hope to see some results. And they did, for a while. For about 6 months, it looked like it would be pretty foolish to pay us more to do the same job (we’ll talk about months 7-10 later…)We call it authority building, not link building, for a reason. It’s all about variety and exposure, feeding Google the kind of links that they want. We provide high-quality content on our client’s website and produce resources that can be posted elsewhere on other great websites. We create cool images to post, promote our opportunities via social media, and engage in link building techniques that give us exposure and improve the authority of our entire website. Over time, the website has a solid fundamental profile, ranking traffic for a wide variety of keywords to all our pages, and that authority sticks for the long haul and helps our new content gain traction quicker. We don’t sweat out Google Algorithm updates… we welcome them.

Conversions by bid

LDM vs. Outsourced

Website Optimization

The overseas company picked a few keywords to target and optimized the pages the best they could for those keywords. Then they recommended posting poorly-written content frequently. The result was some poorly-branded title tags, haphazard language that just didn’t fit, and an influx of articles that just made the lead generation website look unprofessional.When it comes to SEO, we believe websites first need to be built for the users. Once they’re on the website, they need to be engaged and converted (our bounce rate was 20% lower and time on site over 80% higher, but that’s a whole other story). We came up with a strategic naming convention for all their content, making it both extremely targeted to keywords while also building brand strength. This professional appearance, thorough on-page optimization, and focus on results made our website the best of both worlds when it came to SEO and performance.

Graphic Title

LDM vs. Outsourced

Site Audit & Research

The overseas company doesn’t really do research. They ask for a few keywords and go from there. They then take a look at your website and make a few changes/suggestions, mostly glossing over this stage in the process. Research and strategy, in our opinion, could be the most important part of the process for long-term success. We need to understand all the opportunities out there in the industry (including keywords and varieties), competition, and how your website is built to find the best strategy to optimize.

After identifying key pages, target keywords for those pages, and current rankings, we formulated a strategy to maximize our effectiveness. Our goal here is to drive leads, so we need quality visitors that will convert. Our strategy would be flexible based on the effectiveness of our initial efforts, but we fully understood the task at hand and all the opportunities out there to rank, build links, and create high-quality content.

ROI Graph

LDM vs. Outsourced


At LDM, we take a long-term approach to our SEO. This means white-hat techniques that build the authority of a website to last. We keep up on the latest trends, engage in a variety of strategies, and work to increase traffic to our clients’ websites in a systematic and permanent way.

In this case study, we tested our SEO services against those of a company out of Asia. One of our clients likes hiring people there due to price (yes, we’ll admit to being more expensive), so we thought we’d take the opportunity to see if the services we provided were really worth it, or if we were just fooling ourselves. From the graph below, I think you’ll see where we’re going with this.

seo case study