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Jelte ten Holt

Jelte ten Holt is a digital nomad (though he prefers travelancer) who vagabonds around the world and writes from her many corners. He’s written for a wide variety of fields, including academia, television, fantasy, SEO, marketing and blogs (to name but a few).

What You Need to Know to Transition Effectively to Writing Online

Jelte ten Holt - March 3, 2017

My first blog post sucked. There is no two ways about it. When I read it back now, it makes me cringe. It wasn’t because I didn’t have any writing experience. I’d had stuff published in magazines, written for academic textbooks and even edited TV scripts. And yet when I started writing for the online sphere it didn’t work at all. That first editor sent back my first article four times. I’m not sure if […]

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