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Web Analytics Consulting

Visitors aren't just numbers.
But they are numbers.


Web analytics provide mounds of data about your visitors. Optimizing the online conversion funnel is one of the most overlooked opportunities when it comes to increasing overall campaign ROI. By identifying weak conversion areas, developing alternatives, and executing performance tests, conversion performance improves and ultimately increases the ROI on every campaign.


We sift through all usability data to reveal strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities about improving your conversion funnel. From identifying what information is important to customers and observing key navigation paths to pinpointing weak pages and highlighting conversion bottlenecks, web analytics are a powerful tool to help improve the effectiveness of any online presense.


  • Conversion Funnels
  • Conversion Rates
  • Success Metrics
  • Page Performance
  • Exit & Bounce Rates
  • Engagement Rates
  • E-Commerce & Sales Data


  • A/B Testing
  • Multivarite Testing

Usability Audits

Website improvements start with an effective plan. We execute web analytics assessments to help identify area of improvements so you can make the most of your conversion improvement efforts.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is the process of designing statistical tests on web elements to find the optimal combination to maximize ROI. From landing pages and layouts to button colors and call to actions, let us help you make the most of your website traffic.

Case Study: The Map Shop KPI's

When it comes to e-commerce, our clients want to focus on one thing: online sales (well, ROI actually). We identified revenue, revenue/order, and revenue/cost as major metrics for 1-800Flags and helped focus his campaigns on delivering positive-ROI results.

Goals & Success Metrics

A large part of success is
properly defining it.

Goals & Success Metrics

We work with our clients to understand their goals, then define success metrics based on these goals to maximize the effectiveness of the solutions we recommend. Depending on the nature of our client's business, simple online sales measurement alone may be insufficient to determine campaign values. We strive to encompass total value gains be recognizing intermediate purchase steps and assigning value to user engagement when appropriate.

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  • Revenue
  • Cost/Profit Per Sale
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Average Order Value
  • Returning Customers
  • Customer Value
  • Funnel Exits
Conversion Funnel


  • Revenue
  • Cost/Profit Per Sale
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Average Order Value
  • Returning Customers
  • Customer Value
  • Funnel Exits
Conversion Funnel


  • Phone Calls
  • Request Information
  • Registrations


  • Video Views
  • Media Views
  • Downloads
  • Bounce Rate
  • Key Page Visits
  • Site Depth Visits
  • Site Search Usage
Key Page Visits


  • Likes & Followers
  • Mentions
  • Shared Posts & Tweets
  • Interactions


  • Time on Site
  • Time on Page
  • Visits Per Visitor
  • Ad Impressions
Ad Branding Impressions

Importance of Defining Success Metrics

When evaluating the performance of online marketing campaigns, how success is defined can greatly influences the results. We work with our clients to determine and measure accurate success indicators. This enables the marketing team to optimize campaigns appropriately to maximize their true effectiveness.

Case Study: The Map Shop KPI's

The Map Shop is focused on one thing: Selling Flags.

Analytics Audit

Make information your
competitive advantage.

Analytics Audit

For most E-Commerce websites, it's all about generating online sales. While it's easy to focus on the simple profit/cost or revenue/cost metric, there are a number of additional indicators that are important. Intermediate steps to purchase such as e-mail subscriptions and social media engagement are important, as are branding and retargeting values. We can even factor in the lifetime value of a new customer instead of just the first sale.

Sales Analysis

Think sales and revenue are the only ways to measure e-commerce campaigns? Think again. We help our clients look at the big picture and employ a number of different strategies to maximize the value of each marketing campaign. It isn't just about sales: we use analytics to take a smarter look at success metrics and maximize the real value of customers and campaigns.

Influencing & Intermediate Metrics

Not every user is going to convert on the first visit. A customer's first visit might come from a search engine ad where they end up liking a Facebook page, then later subscribe to a newsletter, then recognize a client name via organic search, where the user finally converts. It's unlikely that sale would have happened without the SEM campaign. Our analytics assessments credit intermediate purchasing steps that influence future customer acquisitions.

Case Study: The Map Shop Campaign Setup

We created campaigns to collect actionable data to maximize our ability to find profitable segments.

Performance Testing

Don't Guess.

Performance Testing

Once a client's analytics have been analyzed and we've identified web elements with the most improvement potential, we develop design alternatives. Rather than just picking an idea everyone likes, we say "That might work: let's test it." This more scientific approach ensures we find the most effective solution.

A/B Testing

We use A/B testing to optimize independent web elements. This could be a simple test such as button text or a headline, or something more complex like completely different landing page designs. Typically, A/B tests are used first on drastic layout changes to determine the most effective overall design.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing is used when a test needs to find the "best combination" of web elements. With multivariate testing, we are able to simultaneously test the relationship of variables such as headlines, images, offers, and prices to find out which combination is most effective, and how much each element affects performance.

Case Study: The Map Shop Ongoing Optimization

From bid adjustments and spend allocation changes to extension and ad testing, we quickly optimized the account to maximize ROI.


Test. Implement.
Test Some More.


Since Web Analytics is in itself essentially reporting, our job is to simplify all the data into useful, actionable information. From segmenting user groups to analyzing KPI's, we'll work to identify important usability issues and recommend solutions.

Analytics & Usability Audits

Our analytics audits provide in-depth insight into website usability and performance issues, providing designs and marketers with actionable advice to enhance performance. We include baseline data and suggested KPI comparisons for testing purposes. Our goal is to provide you with information vital to making positive changes and measuring the effectiveness of those changes.

Performance Testing Reports

What good are A/B and multivariate tests without the results? We'll show you the statistical testing process and report on performance as the results become significant. Using insight gathered from the performance tests, we'll also suggest follow-up testing that may continue performance improvements.

Case Study: The Map Shop Reporting

Our reports focus on one thing: results. We showed The Map Shop whether or not we were doing our job. Turns out, we were.